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Identifying, applying for and managing funding 

Live Online Course 
Fundraising for Humanitarian and Development Projects  
Identifying, applying for and managing funding 

Three-day course over 4 weeks, Tuesdays from 09-12 CET  

USD/EUR/CHF 360 - 260 until XXX 


At the end of the training, participants will be able to: 

  • Distinguish between the main sources of funding for international aid

  • Contribute to the definition of a funding strategy for a project 

  • Identify the stages of the funding cycle and its interactions with the project cycle

  • Identify the components of a funding application

  • Contribute to meet contractual obligations in the implementation of donor-funded projects (compliance and accountability)

Meeting with donors

Target Audience 

Individuals working in an international humanitarian or development organization who want to improve their understanding of the tools and processes of fundraising and donor relations.


When an organisation seeks to implement a humanitarian or development project, it must identify, solicit and manage funding from a variety of sources. Understanding what institutional donors expect from NGOs, having a good grasp of their issues, their interests and the project funding cycle enables NGOs to better draft their funding requests and better manage their relations with donors.

The training covers the funding cycle of a humanitarian or development project: identification of funding sources, development of a funding strategy, funding application procedures, relationships and obligations towards donors throughout the funding contract.

Course Programme 

Module 1: Introduction and sources of funding

  • Context of humanitarian aid and development work

  • Sources of funding for international aid

  • Funding cycle and project cycle

  • Exercise in identifying institutional donors


Module 2: Choosing Funding Sources and Soliciting Donors

  • Project funding strategy

  • Project financing plan

  • Content of a funding application

  • Practical exercise in writing a brief note


Module 3: After obtaining financing, what obligations?

  • Management of funding contracts and obligations of the NGO

  • Key elements of the relationship with donors

  • Practical exercise on donor reporting

Individual Coaching after the Course 

At the end of the course, each participant can benefit from a 45min credit for personalized coaching to support the implementation of the action plans and for all related issues. The coaching is provided by the instructor of this course. It is valid for a period of two months after the course. 

Organisation of the Course 

This course is the equivalent of a three-day in-person course. It lasts 24 hours, including 12 hours of live classes, and 12 hours of remote group work (case studies and exercises with other students), as well as readings and individual work. The trainer will be present and available throughout the course, including during follow-up on individual and group work.


Trainer: Claire Becker


Course dates : XXX, Tuesdays from 09-12  CET 

The fee includes personalized coaching after the course. 

Certificate of achievement

Early bird rate: USD/EUR/CHF 260 instead of 360 until XXXX,

Max.16 participants - register early to guarantee your participation. 

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