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Individual Skills Development Live Online Courses

Moving ahead in your work and career in a timely way 


It is sometimes difficult to find a course or coaching opportunity when you actually need it. We use a proven concept for individual skills development. It starts with an initial talk to find out more about your needs and a written needs assessment. This is the basis for a written proposal, which we discuss and finalise with you. It includes the course objectives, the course programme and the fee for the course. No fee will be charged for these preparations. The trainer for your course will be selected based on the required competencies.  

Individual courses usually take from one to several days. The course duration can be taken on days and hours suitable to you and the trainer. We mainly use Zoom and Skype for online classes.

To give an example: a two-day course consists of 16 hours, thereof 8-12 hours are online, depending on the course. The remaining hours are homework with feedback from the trainer. For the online training hours, you wish to take two hours each on Monday and Friday afternoons, meaning four hours per week, thus an eight hour online course will take you two weeks. Homework has to be added. 

At the end of the course, you will obtain a Certificate of Achievement.

These online live course are intended for individual persons and for small groups of up to three persons who want to strengthen their skills:

  • Practitioners already working in a management or leadership position for a non-profit organisation such as an NGO, an association, a foundation or an UN agency 

  • Persons who are new to the non-profit sector planning to take more management responsibilities

  • Practitioners with limited experience who want to strengthen their overall management skills 

  • Practitioners who have learned by doing without any specific training in communication

  • Persons who are new to the non-profit sector and wish to obtain an introductory course on the sector  

Who should attend

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