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NMA’s aim is to help your organisation:

  • to achieve its aims and objectives

  • to solve management and programmatic challenges

  • to identify and seize new opportunities

  • to enhance its capabilities and learning

  • to successfully implement effective and desirable changes


NMA’s management and technical advisors offer a comprehensive range
of independent and impartial advisory services spanning the full spectrum of management issues facing non-profit organisations. Our services include:


  • Guiding and accompanying key organisational and programmatic milestones such as strategic and operational planning, and the design and facilitation of related processes

  • Diagnosing organisational and programmatic opportunities and challenges through the design and implementation of participatory organisational assessments and developmental, formative and retrospective programme evaluations

  • Identifying and framing strategic options to maximise performance and impact that emerge from organisational and programmatic processes, assessments or evaluations

  • Planning and managing the implementation of organisational and programmatic changes through the design, facilitation and accompaniment of transformative processes

  • Improving systems and working methods through the mapping and analysis of organisational and programme management systems, processes and procedures, and the generation and implementation of performance enhancing recommendations

  • Providing specialist management and technical expertise to temporarily compliment or replace existing senior and middle management capacity, during times of change or transition

  • Supporting the professional development of management and staff through the provision of expert advise, counselling, coaching, training and the nurturing of communities of practice.

Please contact us to learn more on how we can help you.


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