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Live Online Course

Training of Trainers

Engage, Empower, and Equip Learners: The Trainer Toolkit for Success

Core modules on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 
09-10:30 am CET  

Core modules

17, 19, 21; 24, 26, 28 June 2024 

6 x 1.5 hours

Specialised modules

21, 23; 28, 30 August 2024

4 x 2 hours

Trainers and facilitators

Rana Haddad and Dr. Dany Daou


Want to transform your subject expertise into engaging training sessions?

This course equips you with the skills and confidence to design, deliver, and evaluate impactful training programs, both online and in-person. Our comprehensive curriculum covers participatory learning techniques, needs-based training design, effective communication strategies, training implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and insightful reporting. Participants will actively engage in developing and delivering a training session, followed by a constructive feedback segment. This immersive workshop component ensures real-world application and learning.

Through active learning, peer feedback, and hands-on practice, you'll be equipped to master the art of facilitating participatory learning and empowering your learners, ensuring an immersive learn-by-doing environment.
Become the trainer you've always admired!


The course offers 6 core modules of 1.5 hours each, plus 45 minutes of individual coaching. After mastering the fundamentals, 4 specialised modules of 2 hours each follow, focusing on deep-dive practice and training engineering.
Modules 3 and 4 are for participants of the core course and for trainers seeking to refine their skills.  

Who Should Attend

The course will benefit in particular:

  • New trainers 

  • Heads of training units

  • Human resources managers and other managers involved in training

  • Experienced trainers for specialised modules 3+4  

Key Benefits 

At the end of the core course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the basics of adult learning and make use of it for their own trainings

  • Design a training session based on the participants’ needs and develop the training session’s plan with its learning objectives and content, training techniques and tools, and means of its evaluation 

  • Deliver culturally appropriate participatory courses confidently in person or by remote channels

  • Analyse and evaluate the training session proceedings and use the results to improve future sessions

  • Use effective communications skills and strategies to manage sessions and deal with different personalities with a positive approach.

6 Core course modules - The Fundamentals

23 April: Introduction to the course - Participatory learning approach

25 April: Planning your training workshop - Objectives and agenda - Intended learning outcomes and related content

30 April: Online and in-person interactive learning techniques

2 May:    Online and in-person interactive learning techniques (continued) - Developing detailed session plan - Determining the flow of your session 

7 May:    Key skills to deliver impactful in-person and remote training workshops

9 May:    Simulating a real session

2 Specialised modules for in-depth practice training 

14 May: Development of your own lesson plan: practice - Setting the agenda: practice

16 May: Evaluating your training workshop - Reactions and learning - Kirkpatrick evaluation model

2 Specialised modules for participants of the core course and for trainers seeking to refine their skills

21 May: Training engineering - Practising how to organise a whole workshop 

23 May: Individual simulation sessions

Personalised Post-Course Coaching 

At the end of the core course, each participant has a credit of 45min for personalised coaching to support the implementation of action plans and for any questions related to it. The coaching is provided by the trainers of this course. The credit is valid for a period of two months after the course. 

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