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Triple C Solutions for Leadership Development

Triple C Solutions offers tailored Consultancy, Coaching, and Courses for transformative growth. Focusing on adaptive leadership, collaboration and empathy, we support you in driving innovation and sustainability. The ideal combination is carefully curated to meet your specific needs and achieve your desired results.

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Excellence in strategic capacity development: NMA's Triple C approach

Know How

Over ten years of field and head office experience in development and humanitarian work  

Our Consultants 

Worked in more than 30 countries in the Global South and the North, and speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, German   

Added Value

You pay for one consultant and we bring in other specialists from our multidisciplinary setup, as needed

Approach & Fees

Click here for our unique Triple C approach and our competitive and transparent fees  


A. You book three sessions for a specific project and also wish to obtain a short training session on a particular subject. Here, the first session can be consultancy for the project, the second session a training to learn more for advanced users and the third session can be used for coaching during the implementation phase of the project.

B. If you book six sessions, you may wish to obtain two training sessions on a particular subject, three sessions for consultancy, and one session for coaching - whichever formula best suits your needs and helps you to obtain the expected results. 

How it works

The first step is a discussion of your needs and the expected results. This leads to a proposal (free of charge): 

Triple C Steps

Step One:
Needs assessment leading to proposal 

Step Two:
Choosing best option and translation it into an action plan  

Step Three:
Implementation of action plan and assessment of results

What you do:

Contact us - free call of 30 min

What we do:
Prepare and conduct needs assessment, with interviews 


Analysis of needs 
assessment leading to practical proposal, consisting of one or more options

What you do:   
Review of proposal  

What we do:

Discuss pros and cons for each option and prepare project  


Detailed plan of action for the selected option

What you do:

Accompany the implementation of the action plan

What we do:

Conduct and/or support project realisation, provide regular briefings and reporting


Project is concluded, results are assessed 

Our Triple C Services

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