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The course will benefit persons who are new to project management as well as persons with some previous experience, in particular:

  • Project/programme managers

  • Project/programme coordinators

  • Project team members

  • Staff supervising needs assessments

Needs assessments are a vital element of the project cycle: they provide the information on which decisions will be made.
This course enables participants to improve the quality of their needs assessment and therefore the relevance of potential interventions which may follow. The course focuses on the various tasks to be done throughout the whole assessment process as well as techniques and tools used to improve the collection of information during interviews with stakeholders.

Key Benefits 

At the end of the course, participants are able to:​

  • Understand and analyse the needs assessment concepts and process 

  • Plan and organise a needs assessment

  • Conduct a needs assessment using a variety of appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques and tools

  • Analyze collected data and prioritize the needs using decision making tools.

Course Programme 

Module 1: Community Needs Assessment: a pillar for impactful projects

  • Introduction to community needs assessment

  • Importance of community needs assessment in results based projects

  • From planning to report writing

Module 2: Planning and preparing community needs assessment

  • Knowing your way: What are the objectives of your community needs assessment and who are your target audiences for data collection?

  • How to get there: Choosing the right type of assessment and techniques, creating partnerships and developing your action plan

  • Investing in the people: selecting and training the team

Module 3: Implementing your community needs assessment§

  • Collecting the data: Qualitative and or quantitative methods, techniques and tools

  • Ensuring reliability and quality of data

  • Processing and analyzing data

Module 4: The way forward

  • Prioritizing needs: Knowhow and tools

  • Reporting and recommendations 

Personalised Post-Course Coaching 

At the end of the course, each participant can avail of a credit of 45min for personalised coaching to support the implementation of action plans and for any questions related to it. The coaching is provided by the trainer of this course. It is valid for a period of two months after the course. 

Live Online Course  
Needs Assessment (24 hours over 5 weeks)

Strategies, techniques and tools to prepare and conduct a needs assessment
7 October  - 13 November 2020

40% off

to help strengthening civil society


Course Organisation 

This course is the equivalent of a four-day in-person course. It takes approximately 32 hours, thereof 16 hours of live online classes, using participatory techniques such as brainstorming, group work, case studies, video discussions, exercises, etc., and 16 hours of reading, tools development, peer reviews, data collection and data analysis, and individual assignment. The trainer maintains the same level of interaction as in an in-person course.

Trainers: Rana Haddad, Dr. Dany Daou 


Course dates (all times are GMT+1): Wednesdays and Fridays 2 - 4 PM

Wed 7 Oct, Fri 9 Oct, Fri 16 Oct, Wed 21 Oct, Fri 23 Oct, Fri 30 Oct, Fri 6 Nov, Fri 13 Nov 

The fee includes the personalised post-course coaching. There are two types of certificates available for this course (fees in Swiss Francs, CHF):

Certificate of AttendanceAfter completing the course programme

Early bird fee, until 7 August: CHF 900; afterwards CHF 990. 

Certificate of Achievement: After passing successfully the exam at the end of the course programme

Early bird fee, until 7 August: CHF 950; afterwards CHF 1,050.

Max. 16 participants 

40% off - limited places available

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