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Live Online Course
Storytelling for Social Media, Newsletters and Blogs 

The art of storytelling to move people

.... and more conversations with users

4 - 13 April 2022

Six-hour course over 2 weeks, Monday and Wednesday

12-13:30 PM CET 

Starting at CHF 160



Finding new members for your community is difficult. There is a lot of competition, in social media, newsletters and blogs, which produces a lot of pictures and text every single minute. Do you have a good message? Should you use Facebook or instagram, or a newsletter or a blog?  How do you have to write to be read? And what is community management?
The aim of this course is to be enable you to communicate in a meaningful way with persons interested in your organisation’s activities, obtain new followers and more likes and to be able engage in fruitful conversations with followers, including for fundraising purposes.


Storytelling is an art. In this course, you will learn about different approaches and techniques to great storytelling, how to structure a story, and how to engage with followers. 

Who should Attend

This live online course is intended for practitioners who want to strengthen their capacity on social media to say what they do and why:

  • Practitioners already working in communication for a non-profit organisation such as an NGO, an association, a foundation or an UN agency who are specialised in one area of communications, such as media relations or reporting and would like to have a more holistic approach to social media 

  • Persons who are planning to take more responsibilities in communication and social media

  • Practitioners with limited experience who want to strengthen their overall skills in social media management 

  • Practitioners who have learned by doing without any specific training in storytelling;

  • Persons working in the non-profit sector but not in communication such as project or programme staff who want to produce input for their organisation's social media networks;

  • Heads of non-profit organisations, offices and departments who want to promote their organisation's activities and results in their own social media accounts;

  • Practitioners working in communication for the private or public sector who want to move into the non-profit sector.

Course Programme 

Modul 1: Do you know who you are? 

Branding, positioning and an organisation's vision are important to set the base on what you want to communicate, what you stand for and by which the stakeholders should identify you with. But do you know it yourself? Can you state what you're organisation stands for, in a few words or one sentence? Because people don't buy what you do. They buy, why you do it. 

In this module, you will learn about the importance of knowing why you do and what you do. Together, we will elaborate on this very important question which sets the baseline for your communications. We will discuss and learn how to use the principle of the Golden Circle.


Modul 2: Social Media and why a goldfish has more focus than we do 

In this module, we will learn about important points you have to consider when using social media for your communication. We will look at how people search in the internet, what they see and what they don't want to see and how you can use this to your advantage (consumer behaviour).

Modul 3: Drama baby! 

Storytelling has become a main tool in modern communication. Not only big companies, but also smaller organisations have discovered its practical use as a form of "entertainment". However, you want to do more than just to inform! 

In this modul, I will introduce you to he concept of storytelling and enabler stories. How do you find stories in your organization, how do you tell them and what are they good for? And why are they so popular? With storytelling, it comes down to: Show, don't tell! 


Modul 4: Press enter – and wait? Why you always need a follow-up at hand for communication

Basically with every means of communication – especially in the framework of marketing and social media – you need to be aware that once your activity is set, your work has not finished. It rather just began. In this module we talk about the importance of follow-ups, integrated communication and good planning.

Course Dates, fees and Booking 

Personalised Post-Course Coaching 

At the end of the course, each participant has of a credit of 30 min for personalised coaching to support the implementation of action plans and for any questions related to it. The coaching is provided by the trainer of this course. It is valid for a period of two months after the course. The coaching is included in the course fee.

Course Organisation 

This course takes 6 hours. The trainer maintains the same level of interaction as in an in-person course.
Click here for our Terms & Conditions.

Course trainer: André Chatelain



Course dates (all times are GMT+1):  4 - 13 April 2022, Mondays and Wednesdays 12-13:30 PM CET

Two types of certificates are available for this course (fees in Swiss Francs, CHF):

Certificate of AttendanceAfter completing the course programme

Early bird fee until 3 March: CHF 160, thereafter CHF 190.

Certificate of Achievement: After passing successfully the exam at the end of the course programme

Early bird fee until 3 March 2022: CHF 190 ; thereafter CHF 220.

Max. 16 participants - register early to secure your participation

10% off for the course Strategic Communication if you book it together with the course Storytelling -Contact us

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