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Senior Trainer and Consultant 


Maria Normita Palo has more than 20 years of experience as a trainer and consultant for NGOs, for cooperatives, communities, local government units, donor agencies and for small businesses.

She has carried out assignments in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Switzerland, for donor agencies that include GIZ (GTZ), USAID, World Bank, ADB, JICA, World Vision, DKA, AECID, UNDP. MISEREOR, Save the Children, People in Need, among others.

Rita is a former executive director of an NGO in the Philippines and was a university instructor of finance and accounting in Davao City, the Philippines. She is the author of several financial and operations manuals for NGOs.

Her areas of expertise are:

  • Development of courses on financial management, micro-finance projects, marketing, value chain, and human resource management

  • Conduct of training on financial management, operations audit, micro-finance appraisal

  • Specialist in training and coaching of trainers, international trainer and adviser for GTZ-CEFE related training

  • Mid-term, end of project, ex-post external evaluation of development programs and projects of national and international NGOs, focusing on gender, inclusion and sustainability

  • Consultancy on capacity-building relating to local governance, strategic planning and management, along burning issues of inclusive growth and partnership development

  • Development of operations manual financial systems, credit and micro-finance operations.

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