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Live Online Course 
Sustainable Philanthropic Fundraising for Humanitarian and Development Projects 
Convincing philanthropists to support your organisation 

24 November, 1, 5 and 13 December 2022

Three-day course over 4 weeks, 2-5 PM CET
CHF/USD 470 

Image by You X Ventures

Image: You X Ventures on Unsplash 


At a time of declining public subsidies, it is vital for non-profit organisations to diversify their financial resources and secure their economic model. Philanthropy is a source of funding that can contribute to this. But where to start? How can you mobilize philanthropists and individual donors around your projects that you do not yet know well? Whom should you contact and how can you convince them?


In an environment where organisations championing different causes are competing for funds, it is essential to adopt a structured strategic approach, to rely on effective tools and to acquire the necessary skills. 

This course focuses on private philanthropic funding for humanitarian and development projects: it helps you to identify and use different techniques for collecting donations, to develop an adapted and effective philanthropic strategy, to know how to convince people to support you and maintaining relationships with donors and philanthropists. 

Target audience

Individuals working, or planning to work, in an international humanitarian or development organization who wish to improve their understanding of the tools and processes for seeking private funding for philanthropy and maintaining relations with donors and patrons.


At the end of the training, participants will have: 

  • Understood the challenges of philanthropy and the expectations of donors.... to start on the right footing

  • A sound basis to define your strategy.... it is necessary to know yourself well and have a clear objective before launching a fundraising campaign with philanthropists.

  • Learned how to define an action plan.... a roadmap to know where you are going.

  • Discovered essential techniques to identify your networks and prospects.... we always have more than we think.

  • Learned how to contact, convince and retain a donor.... how to present your project... and to ask for support!

Course Programme 

Module 1: Introduction to philanthropy 

  • Philanthropy versus sponsorship

  • The fundamentals of a philanthropy strategy 

  • The different stages of a donation campaign 

  • Exercise: defining the vision, missions, values, ambition and positioning of your organization 


Module 2: Choosing the right techniques for your NGO and building a convincing message

  • The different fundraising techniques 

  • The pitch 

  • Exercise: writing down your pitch 


Module 3: Knowing how to manage the relationship with a philanthropist

  • Understanding individual and corporate donors

  • From identifying to building loyalty with your major donors

  • Exercise: designing your master list and the action plan 

Individual Coaching after the Course 

At the end of the course, each participant can benefit from a 45 min credit for a personalized coaching to support the implementation of the action plans and for all related questions. The coaching is provided by the instructor of this course. It is valid for a period of two months after the course. 

Course Organisation 

Certificate of Achievement: After passing a short test at the end of the course.


Max.16 participants - register early to ensure your participation.

This course is the equivalent of a three-day in-person course. It lasts 24 hours, including 12 hours of live classes, and 12 hours of remote group work (case studies and exercises with other students), as well as readings and individual work. The trainer will be present and available throughout the course, including during follow-up on individual and group work.

Trainer: Marianne Maillot


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