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Director Training Programme

Laura Fähndrich has 15 years of experience in international development organisations and consulting firms, including 7 years in the field, primarily in communications, advocacy and social responsibility positions.

Laura worked as Corporate Development Manager for the Ecuadorian Consortium on Corporate Social Responsibility (CERES) in Quito, Ecuador, and as Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist for the Canadian Cooperation Support Unit (USACC) in Lima, Peru. She began her professional career in public relations and as a translator for NGOs, foundations and associations. She has worked for the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and the Global Commission on International Migration in Geneva, the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) in Quito and the United Nations for Training and Research in New York, among other international and national institutions.

Laura has a degree in translation and a Masters in International Relations. She obtained a Public Relations Specialisation from SPRI-SAWI in Lausanne, a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Communications Management and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2003, she founded the International Social Entrepreneurs Association jointly with 15 social entrepreneurs from Latin America. Her collaboration with local NGOs, public institutions and international companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas has allowed her to understand their differing needs and contexts, as well as how to best communicate them.

Laura lives in Geneva.

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