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In the age of everything, keep investing in people, learning and development.

The reason why we founded NMA 20 years ago was that we observed a lack of technical expertise and skills amongst non-profits professionals engaged in high impact and challenging missions around people, environment, and peace.

Since then, we have committed ourselves to develop courses and programs that are tailor-made to what non-profit professionals need in their daily jobs, helping individuals or HR

managers to find ways to learn or upskill specific expertise.

The COVID-19 outbreak and the fast-paced digital revolution that is impacting us all has demonstrated that it is our responsibility, as a professional and an organization, to invest in continuous learning to keep moving forward, adapt to changes and bring value added inside and outside. It’s not only about technical skills but also about soft skills, like empathy, emotional intelligence, curiosity which are well appreciated and demanded traits in today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

As 2021 comes to its end and 2022 is slowly preparing behind the scenes, let’s make sure we all set aside the right investments to ensure our people keep learning and developing themselves to ensure their impact will be more effective and adapted to the changing times.

For us, continuing education and training remain top priority also in 2022, in line with Goal 4 of the United Nations’ SDGs on Quality Education: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”


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