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combining Consultancy, Coaching and Courses

  • How it works: The first step is a discussion of your needs, the expected results and how these can be best addressed. The next steps are described hereThe initial call of 30 min is free of charge.  

Putting results and impact first

  • ​​Triple C approach: Sessions encompass three possible pathways and a combination thereof to achieve the expected results: Consultancy, coaching and courses. The exact mix depends on your needs and wishes.

Examples: You book three sessions for a specific project and wish to obtain a short training session on a particular subject. Here, the first session can be a training, the second session the consultancy part and the third session can be used for coaching during the implementation phase of the project.

If you book six sessions, you may wish to obtain two training sessions on a particular subject, three sessions for consultancy, and one session for coaching - whichever best suits your needs and helps you to obtain the expected results. 

  • Up to three persons can participate in facilitated discussions and course modules in Price band Orange, and up to six persons in Price band Blue.

  • Each package has a lead consultant; other specialists will be added as needed, without additional fees.

Price band Orange

  • For organisations with revenue of less than Swiss Francs CHF 100,000/year

  • For small groups of up to three persons and individuals

Price band Blue

  • For organisations with revenue of more than Swiss Francs CHF 100,000/year

  • For donors, foundations, public sector agencies, companies

  • For groups of up to six persons

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