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Karin is a geologist by trade and an environmentalist at heart. After 15 years spent abroad, raising her children and taking care of her family, she came back to Switzerland and embarked on a new chapter of her professional life.


Over the years Karin has had the opportunity to work for public offices, non profits, and as an entrepreneur. This somehow eclectic background gives her an unique perspective and a range of different skills. She has developed strong writing and organizing skills, an ability to convey and summarize various researches or reports. Karin volunteers in various NGOs, and has gained experience in marketing, translations and fundraising.


Her years abroad, as well as her bicultural marriage, give her an openness allowing her to embrace other cultures and points of view. She has a deep knowledge of South American culture and is therefore particularly attuned to the challenges faced by NGOs in that region.


Mother of two, Karin enjoys time with her family, likes exploring the great outdoors and is also an avid crafter.

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