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Senior Adviser Marketing and Communication 


Barbara is a pro bono adviser. She has 20+ experience in Marketing & Communications, having worked in the public and private sector throughout her career. 

Italian by birth, after her graduation at the University of Florence with a Master Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, Barbara moved to Luxembourg where she spent seven years: three in the public sector as a webmaster at the European Parliament and four at Nationwide Global, the European holding of a large US group Nationwide Global, as Internet & Marketing Manager. Following her move to Switzerland, where she currently lives, she worked in the telecom (Orange), solar energy (SunPower Corp.), and electronic components sectors leading global Marketing strategies. In her last role, in the Industrial Internet of Things realm, she helped developing wearable solutions for industries with high health & safety risks to predict and prevent incidents and accidents in the workplace. She is an active member of the SSES (Société Suisse de l’Energie Solaire) where she promotes solar energy. 

Throughout her career Barbara has been leading corporate programs to foster sustainability, gender equality and access to solar energy for low-income households. 

She considers herself a citizen of the world, having travelled, both professionally and personally, in Malaysia, Japan, India, Tanzania, South Africa, Tunisia, Senegal, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Turkey, Russia, USA, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and throughout Europe. 

She is passionate about the green energies, gender equality, innovation and technology. She is proud to be part of the NMA family. 

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