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  • NGOConnect.Net web portal - Connecting NGOs
    NGOConnect.Net is a dynamic and interactive Web portal dedicated to connecting and strengthening NGOs, networks and NGO support organizations worldwide. It provides some of the best tools, theoretical frameworks, innovations and lessons learned that the NGO community, donors and worldwide support organizations have to offer. NGOConnect.Net is supported by USAID through the Capable Partners Program (CAP).
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  • 5. How to assess an organisationís capacities and improve its performance
    Assessing capacities is crucial to improve management. Sound management leads to a good organisational performance. NGO Managerís Organisational Assessment Tool (OAT) helps you to identify the strong and weak points of an organisation and its development needs. It helps to identify causes of problems and to develop a plan of action concerning the organisationís strategy, planning and structure, human and financial resources and on relationships and results. The OAT can be used for comprehensive or sectorial self-assessments and for external evaluations. User guide (4 p.) and work sheets (14 p.; PDF-documents).
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