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1 General Resources
6 categories, 8 links
Studying NGO Management, Consulting services, Civil Society Library, Newsletters, NGO Management Tools, Job links
2 Organisational Development
8 categories, 1 link
Starting an NGO, Knowledge Management, Teamwork, Governance and Boards, Mission and Values, Organisational Assessment, Capacity building, Social Entrepreneurs
3 Performance Management
4 categories, 4 links
Project Management, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation
4 Managing Finances
5 categories, 1 link
Fundraising, Donors, Finances and budgets, Socially Responsible Investment, Income generation
5 Developing Human Resources
3 categories, 3 links
Volunteers, Human Resources, Training and coaching
6 Communication and Marketing
11 categories, 1 link
Relationships with beneficiaries, donors, other NGOs, the corporate world, the UN.
Accountability, Relations between NGOs, The United Nations, Corporate Sector, Advocacy and Lobbying, Using the Internet, Negotiating, Media , Information management, Civil Military Relations, Social Marketing